Renmark Rose Festival always a visual treat.

This annual event is happening right now & has been running since 1994. Remark opens it’s commercial & proud home owners gardens to celebrate that classic of all flowers the rose in all it’s variations of colours & varieties for the rose lover to enjoy. see moreRenmark Rose Festival

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The land of the long white cloud

Beautiful lake Tekapo on the South Island of New Zealand. This was taken back in the days of film & is a scanned image.Untitled-Scanned-109 copy

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Here’s looking at you

Photographed at Blowering Dam, New South Wales. Kangaroos freeze to blend in with their surroundings.Blowering Dam Roos

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A view to be shared

Sharing the view #Adamindaby #NSW

Posted by Jay G Images Photo Art on Sunday, 27 September 2015

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Grace in the bush

???Skippy, Skippy ?? Skippy the bush kangarooooo?? photographed at #Adamindaby #NewSouthWales

Posted by Jay G Images Photo Art on Thursday, 1 October 2015

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It’s that time of year

Always a lovely sight around springtime, to see recently harvested paddocks with their winter crops reeped & baled ready for collection. These are near the beautiful Barossa Valley, South Australia.bales near the Barossa Valley

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Dawn such a special time of day.

Sometimes the start of a day just eases out of the darkness via a subtle gentle gradual lightening of the sky, the changes barely perceptible.

Or sometimes it reveals itself with a burst of colour that only the very early riser is rewarded with. However it arrives, it comes with the promise of new beginnings.

Sunrise Port Clinton

This particular dawn, burst onto this scene at Port Clinton, South Australia.

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Blanchetown wetlands at sunrise

Pelican coming into land lit up by the rising sun at Blanchetown, Riverland South Australia._DSC4060 copy

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The Magnificent Mighty Murray

With Australia set to be in the grip of the mother of all El Ninos it brings to mind the plight of the Murray & its health. From its beginnings through to its mouth & the Coorong we are just caretakers.

My passion for this beautiful waterway that wanders through 3 of our states sustaining so many lives as it winds it’s way through our hearts & minds knows no bounds. I thought I would re-share this link to my video as a reminder of how precious this resource is.

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Red sky at night sailors delight

Standing on Semaphore Jetty, watching the sunset. Ships on the horizon anchored waiting to unload at Outer Harbour Adelaide South Australia.Semaphore sunset

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