Things to see & do in Waikerie & it’s wetlands, Riverland South Australia


Walking Waikerie River Front

Waikerie River Front

There is always something to see when taking a drive or a walk along Waikerie’s riverfront. Waikerie & it’s surrounding wetlands provide a popular place for holidaymakers, campers & picnickers. (free covered BBQ’s are available) along Waikerie’s riverfront. 

When visiting be sure to treat yourself to views from the lookout tower & take the time to wander along the beautiful cliff top walk, taking in the stunning views of the River Murray & wetlands.

For more info on Waikerie Clifftop Walk

For more info on Waikerie Clifftop Walk

For information about this must see must do walk.

for info on Waikerie Wetland Walks: Hart & Ramco Lagoons, Riverland South Australia

for info on Waikerie Wetlands Walks: Hart & Ramco Lagoons, Riverland South Australia

Waikerie is an Aboriginal word meaning “Birds with many wings” & for a good reason. There are over 200 different species in the area

for more information about walks & bird watching at Hart & Ramco lagoons & Waikerie’s Wetlands

 If you are just looking for a leisurely stroll drop into the Rain Moth Gallery on Peak tce. View the current exhibition along with the beautifully handcrafted art work on display in the gift shop. This friendly gallery is manned by local volunteers & also offers a wealth of local knowledge as well as tourist information for the visitor & traveller to the Riverland.

Wander down to the Havenhand Chocolate Factory & indulge in handcrafted chocolates. Grab a seat outside with a piece of cake & a hot chocolate or coffee while enjoying the  views of Waikerie Riverfront.

Waikerie Gliding Club Riverland South Australia

More images of Waikerie Gliding Club

Raise your eyes skywards and you will more than likely see the glint of a glider’s wing as the sun rays hit it. Waikerie Gliding Club can proudly lay claim to some of the best soaring conditions in the world. 

Annual events include The Riverland Rock ‘N’ Roll Festival

Riverland Rock 'N' Roll Festival

More images of Riverland Rock ‘N’ Roll Festival




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4 Responses to Things to see & do in Waikerie & it’s wetlands, Riverland South Australia

  1. norm says:

    Great information on Waikerie wetland walks. You can do this walk in your 80’s.

    • Jay G Images Photo Art says:

      Indeed you can Norm. Even if photography is not your thing, like it is mine. There is always something for that camera we all carry with us, (our own eyes) to capture & enjoy.

  2. Naomi Price says:

    Beautiful images and a great introduction to Waikerie. I have been to Waikerie many times but didn’t know some of these facts!

  3. Andrew Christiansen says:

    Amazing images. Beautiful representation of Waikerie.

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